PLA in the marketplace:

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NatureWorks' Peer Reviewed Eco Profile of IngeoTM Resin.
This document is a peer reviewed study of the environmental impact of Ingeo resin. Since EarthFirst is made with Ingeo resin you can see the environmental benefit of using EarthFirst brand films.

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EarthFirst® Brand Films

Are your customers inspired by responsible products and packaging? Ours are. If you want the premier biopolymer film then you need EarthFirst PLA Film. If you've been looking for a plastic film that is environmentally friendly we can help! Our Mechanically superior and unique films can give your products the edge. Call us today.

Environmentally Friendly

Made from the near carbon neutral polymer IngeoTM, EarthFirst films can add environmental value to your product and give you energy savings, all by simply switching! Most machinery readily runs the film, shrink tunnels can be turned down and best of all the plastic is made from 100% annually renewable plant resources. Environmentally friendly film can grow your business!

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Why Use EarthFirst?

We've only got one planet, but now there's a packaging film made from renewable plant resources that's compostable. It's called EarthFirst and we believe that... Keep Reading


California's AB 1972 signed into law.

Are you tired of the drawbacks on your Shrink sleeved product?! Don't frown! No longer must you rely on petro-chemical based films because there's an alternative. It's called EarthFirst and we are sure that... Keep Reading

EarthFirst Updates:

Plastic Suppliers, Inc. adds Lidding Film to Their Lineup


April, 4, 2016

Columbus, Ohio, April 4th, 2016 - Plastic Suppliers, Inc. has added a number of new lidding film solutions for a wide range of plastic, metal, and paper trays in use today. "As a multi-site distributor of one of the largest lidding film manufacturers in North America, we can now offer the quick order turnarounds and high performance solutions required in this market segment." Says George Thomas, CEO of Plastic Suppliers...

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